Monday, October 28, 2019

Sending a Transmission

So excited to do one of her favorite jobs!

No big updates here, just a peek at how we send the data from Ramona's loop recorder to the doctor's office (and, more importantly, how much she loves doing it). 😊 The loop recorder itself is implanted under the skin on her chest and is always watching for irregular heart rhythms, but we also have a separate device that stays on her nightstand and is used to collect and send the data that has been recorded. This device automatically transmits a report every month, but we occasionally have to send a report manually as well.

When we need to do it manually, Ramona knows exactly what to do! For some reason, she thinks it's SUPER fun and asks to do it all the time. It only needs done every couple of months, but she is so excited when she gets to do it. 

The process starts with both sisters squealing with excitement and racing to their room. This is an important step in the process and cannot be skipped. When that is done, Ramona grabs the receiver and holds it next to her chest. I help her move it around until the screen shows us that we're in the right place. Then, she waits for the green line to go across the screen, hangs up the receiver, and watches for it to give us the ✅ that means it transmitted successfully. 

That's it. 

But, from the excitement of both squealing sisters, you'd think we just won a major award! So much joy over such a simple thing. 💗

Watching that screen like a pro.

Ramona is doing great right now. While we continue to pray for the miracle of her heart being healed, we also recognize the miracle of her being able to live such a happy, active, full life with the heart that she has.

Also, if she were talking to you today, she would want to make sure you know that her birthday is coming "soon." She's been VERY anxiously waiting for her birthday for the last several weeks (it's still over a month away...) and is really hoping it will snow that day. 😂

Prayer requests:
- For her heart to be healed
- For her to knock out some cough/congestion crud she's fighting off and STAY HEALTHY (I don't think she's been in the hospital for general illness since early 2018? Such a blessing that she's fared so well!!!)
- For birthday snow (because God cares about even the smallest details 💗)

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:3


  1. What a beautiful, heartwarming, made me smile posting. ❤️❤️ Prayers continue

  2. I pray she will find joy in her circumstances no matter what. Then I pray that the rest of us will do the same!

  3. I love you guys, so much! Thank you for keeping us updated, I love 'hearing' your voice through it all! We will be praying!


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