Sunday, August 23, 2020

Happy Summer :)

Happy Summer! It's been a crazy but good few months. Ramona's appointment that was scheduled for the spring was postponed a few times due to Covid, but she finally had an in-person check up in June. She'd been doing really well, but I just like the peace of mind of seeing that her heart is doing as well as it seems to be from the outside. I was worried she would get scared at her appointment (she hadn't been to the doctor in 6 months due to postponed visits!), but it was no problem at all. 

Everything still looks the same, which always counts as a win in our book! She's definitely not a fan of the summer heat, and she'll tell us when she needs to rest or "get some air" (meaning air conditioning) when we're outside, so we were wondering if that was indicative of some kind of change, but thankfully it was not. It's probably just due to the fact that she's so much more active than she was when she was littler. She loves to run and climb! 

Ramona did everything "by herself" (not sitting on my lap) at her appointment this time. 😲 The nurse kindly used the manual blood pressure thingy (to use the medical term), which made this our first no-tears appointment in quite some time! Here are some pictures of this big brave girl:

Such a nice smile under that mask.

Aaand without the mask. 😂

This is the first time she hasn't
wanted to be on my lap during
an echo. She talked to the tech
the entire time. Mostly about
Frozen characters. 😂

No tears for the "squeezy!"

EKG = nothing new for this kid.

All in all, a great check-up! Ramona was super excited to see the doctor, whom she adores. Every time a door opened she would gasp and say "I think that's doctor Albaro!" 😂 Ramona still has her loop recorder to monitor for irregular heart rhythms, and we're going on almost 2.5 years of zero irregularities! Woo-hoo! Since she's been doing so well (and since we ended up having 6 months between the last two appointments anyway), we're going to try switching to appointments every 6 months instead of every 3, which means we don't go back until after Christmas! Of course, if we have any concerns or if anything comes up on her monitor we'll go in sooner, but here's hoping things continue to go as well as they have so far. 😊 

Here she is sending a transmission from her 
loop recorder. She can do this all by herself
now and loves it!

- For Ramona to continue to thrive! She's having such a great summer (even though we're mostly just at home)
- For her heart to be healed
- For her (and all of us, and all of you!) to stay healthy!

Thank you!!!

It's hard to sum up 6 months in a few pictures!

This is one of my favorites. She had
a chest x-ray done last year, and 
since then she's been giving her toys
x-rays. In this case, Rapunzel is
hanging by her hair and screaming
while she gets her picture taken. 
Which pretty well represents
Ramona's feelings about her 
own x-ray. 😂 It's interesting to see her
play through her own experiences!

The creepiest and most loved
snowman of 2020.

Buds 💗

Ramona was so excited to join
dance and tumbling when she turned
3, but, of course, everything was 
canceled due to Covid. She wasn't
too upset about it, though, because they
have been making their own classes
and shows several times a week.

At it again 😎


Sister had a birthday!

Family pic (because we hardly ever
take one all together!)

Daddy had a birthday, too!

The girls were able to get some swimming
lessons in this summer, which they loved! 💦

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

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